Raychem RPG's Fiber Distribution Management System(FDMS) is designed for management and distribution of optical fiber cables. It is installed at Central office end and is suitable for both ribbon fiber and loose tube fiber. Raychem RPG's FDMS is approved by TEC as per spec GR/FDM-01/02 APR 2007.


  • > Horizontal and vertical patchcord management (HPM and VPM) for excess patch cord over length between the shelves and eitherthe equipment or adjacent racks.
  • > Bend control on all fiber routing.
  • > A structured division and distribution of the cable elements.
  • > Wide variety of options
  • > Cable attachments plates can be mounted in any location (top/bottom) in the side duct.
  • > Mounting bracket adapters for 19" shelf mountin
  • > Equipment mounting bracket adapters.
  • >Easy adaptation to specific applications by variation of the rack configuration, the shelf configuration and routing of pigtails and jumpers.
  • >The FIST Generic Rack (FIST-GR) is a unique sealed physical fiber management system. It offers dust-proof
  • > Environmental and mechanical protection for the fiber managementfunctions. It has integrated fiber
  • > Pigtail and cable management.
  • > Easy access to the power supply, as well as fiber cables, pigtails & jumpers during installation.
  • >Easy maintenance & upgrade ability.


Designed By : Xectamedia