Wall-mount FMS

Raychem RPG's wall-mount Fiber management Systems are used to protect & store optical fiber cable splicing & patching for pigtails & patchcords & optical fiber cable. It is available both in CRC and plastic bodies. The wall mountable termination box provides mechanical & environmental protection for both the fiber and it's components and permits appropriate access while maintaining highest standards of fiber management. The product is typically located on customer premises but can also be used in outdoors in aerial applications or in street cabinets


  • Wall-mountablebox
  • > Can be used both for internal as well as external applications
  • > It is designed for splicing & patching of pigtails & patchcords
  • > Multiple options of cable entries available
  • > Cable entries from bottom side. Cable & strength member holding provided inside the box
  • > Options of 2F/4F/8F/12F/16F/24F/48F in plastic body
  • > Options of 12F/24F/48F/96F in CRC
  • > Detachable patch panels available for all common type of adapters like SC/PC, LC/PC, FC/PC and SC/APC etc.
  • > Design of tray ensures bend radius protection and solutions for all type of fibers
  • > Box can be delivered with pigtails & connector adapter in the kit
  • > All type of connector/adapter combinations


Designed By : Xectamedia